Handmade cow cheese

"TOMA" cheese - Ingredients: Milk, rennet, salt

Our cheese does NOT contain coloring pigments, flavorings and additives.

Original Brown Swiss cattle breeding

Switzerland is the Country of origin, the cradle of Brown Cow. Documents show that in the monastery of Einsiedeln, this breed existed already 1000 years ago. Thanks to the excellent qualities of strength of this animal, Brown Cow was gradually introduced in Italy and in other European Countries and even in America where in recent years has been crossed with Brown Swiss local cow to increase its milk production.

In Italy, Brown cow was introduced around year 1850 and began a rapid spread mainly on the southern side of the Alps, with greater expansion in the Po river valley and in the most inaccessible areas of the north but also can be found in a few farms in the South of Italy.

Farmer's Market

Since more than 15 years, we directly sell our products  every second and last Sunday of the month (all year) in Piazza Caduti di Nassiriya, Nebbiuno. Opening hours: 9.00-12.30


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